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Solar + Storage, facing climate change and weather challenges.

We all have heard climate change is coming or even that we are already struggling with it, some are skeptical, and some take action to help the planet fight this challenge. We believe, whether it is considered real or not, that a fact is that we are living under unusual weather conditions such as these last crazy days.

With all U.S. citizens attention on the latest weather events and the power crisis, a new mindset is needed to be adopted, a greener and reliable vision towards sustainability and planet protection.

This snowstorm we experienced all over the Lone Star State should make us consider new options or complementary solutions to have more reliable energy. People endured record-breaking freeze weather and temporally water cuts for several days, one of the worst blackouts in U.S. history.

An event of this proportion needs innovative and trustworthy solutions that can adapt and put up with climate change. At Erco Energy, we got a clean and sustainable way to have more reliable energy for our homes and businesses, by implementing energy storage systems, installing solar panels complemented with batteries.

As the climate is changing and evolving, so we must do as well, we do know this is not the first time of an unprecedented event like this, and we can´t say is once in a lifetime incident that will not happen again. We encourage you to take the first step towards green technology opportunities, let’s face together this new era of energy independence. We gotcha covered! !

By Felipe Sanchez
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