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Discovering the power of Energy Storage

Is your home prepared for extreme weather?

The last climate change-related events have shown us that the conventional energy grid is outdated and unprepared to handle spikes in power demand due to winter peaks that cause system stress. This electricity crisis that caused widespread outages across Texas is a new opportunity to create awareness and join forces to promote a cleaner energy infrastructure and a decarbonized electric system. This is a wake-up call to move to renewable, reliable, and flexible methods to produce and store energy and strengthen the grid to meet everyday energy needs.

We need to understand that the impact we make on the world depends on our daily habits, evolving and adapting to this new reality help us facing the climate challenges and innovate in response to a growing demand for a more resilient infrastructure.

Installing a back-up system in your home is the solution for the upcoming extreme weather events and the best way to protect your devices. The back-up system works with a set of batteries that allows you to store electrical energy from the conventional energy grid and use it at any time or in case of power outages.

You can also take advantage of the benefits of a hybrid system which is the best ally when the service is unreliable and the solution for the skyrocketing prices that are forcing homeowners to switch to alternative energy sources. The hybrid system consists of a solar energy system and a set of batteries that allow storing the energy produced by the solar modules and using it at any time of the day, even at nighttime or during power outages in the electrical grid. Additionally, this system will allow you to back-up the most relevant energy needs in your home, such as lighting, security, connectivity, appliances, and even refrigeration.

Preparing for the future involves investing in back-up power and renewable technologies that minimize the extreme climate impacts in the years ahead and reduce our vulnerability to climate change.

You can take this giant step towards reliable energy sources with Erco Energy. We will help Texans to have reliable, stable, and flexible systems in their homes to stop the blackouts from happening again.

Keep the lights on and join us to start your energy transition process!

By Laura Escobar
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