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How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

25-30 years. This is the average lifespan of solar panels for homes and companies, their expected longevity, and the long-term warranty of most solar providers nowadays.

How do solar panels work?

For most of us, this is one of the first questions we ask ourselves when we are planning to install solar panels on our roof. However, the answer to this question is normally complex and includes technical terms that are not clear to everyone. But do not worry, we have an easy way to let you know how the system that will be installed on your roof is going to work.

How to choose a Solar Company in Texas in 5 steps.

Discover how to pick a solar company in Texas without risking your investment. Learn what system to choose, what the quote should contain, and more.


Solar Energy for everyone!

Have you ever thought about producing the energy that you consume directly at your home’s rooftop? There is a smart way to convert solar radiation into photovoltaic energy through panels with silicon cells.

Meet Erco Energy!

Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work” – Aristotle
Erco Energy is a leading Solar Energy Company for the Residential, Commercial, and Industrial market

Solar + Storage, facing climate change and weather challenges

We all have heard climate change is coming or even that we are already struggling with it, some are skeptical, and some take action to help the planet fight this challenge.

Discovering the power of Energy Storage

Is your home prepared for extreme weather?
The last climate change-related events have shown us that the conventional energy grid is outdated and unprepared to handle spikes in power demand due to winter peaks that cause system stress.